About me


My name is Emily, and I like to fug around with food! I am currently attending Torontos own George Brown College for Chef Training to enhance my kitchen skills and knowledge, but it isn’t my dream to be a chef.

Just a couple of short years ago, I was in a very different place in my life. I was married, living more “in the bush” with my husband at the time, and working whatever job I could find. Before that, I had gone to school for Psychology at Ryerson University, only to graduate with what so many other students have: disillusionment and loss. I wasn’t a very good student then- A lot of C’s- and late into my second year I knew I wasn’t going to cut it. I graduated still, and I achieved a minor in Criminal Justice, but it was the end of the line. So I moved back home to my parents, as is far too common in my generation.

In that time, a subtle shift occurred. You see, I had been overweight most of my life, once weighing in at 190lbs. Living in Toronto made me more active as I walked everywhere, so I lost 2o lbs off the bat. But it wasn’t enough, not for me. I didn’t want to be there anymore. When I graduated, I decided to get healthy. I started working out: Walking up hills for an hour a day, pilates, whatever I thought of. And after about 5 months or so, I hit my goal weight of 135, and I’ve managed to stay there since.

Part of that change was in the way I looked at my food. Before, it was all salt and sugar and instant gratification. I didn’t see value to it because I was just filling a hole in myself. But I started to learn about Fibre, Protein, Fat, even *water*. I began to change my eating habits- I ate a LOT of chilli at one point!- and experiment with new things. Even my mother, a wonderful baker and cook herself, began to be amazed at the things I was stirring up just by looking online.

What started out as a subtle shift became obsession. I was constantly on Pinterest, searching with keywords for something tasty and healthy. I was buying groceries that weren’t just rice and cheese. I was expanding.

Flash to 2015, and I’m separated from my husband and back at my parents. I’m working at a factory, trying to get back onto my own two feet, and inspiration and support comes into my life from a very unexpected place. I had been considering school again, another attempt to find a better paying job, to be independent at last. This support, this surprise gift, lifted me up, pointed out the most obvious to me, and I changed my mind. I stopped myself from going through with another education to just pay the bills, and instead was accepted to George Brown for Chef Training.

And now, here I am. I’ve tried food blogs before, and never kept them up. This time around (since I get graded on some posts), I’m going to keep it going. But this isn’t just it for me. My partner and I are starting a food business, and I am planning the second business already. I’m planning a future, and it’s with food.

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