Where in the world…?


While I haven’t posted religiously on this blog (at least, not compared to some others), you may have noticed a little more space in between posts. While I can’t say this is going to change any time soon, I haven’t abandoned the site!

You see, the day is fast approaching where my partner and I are going to become parents for the first time, and I’ve been neck-deep in nesting-mode! On top of this, we are also working on moving into a new, larger space (for our growing family and our growing hobbies!). Since this page has been created, we’ve been living in a basement apartment, which doesn’t lend itself much to nice photographs of delicious food. Space has also been pretty tight in the kitchen. There have been times where I’ve dealt with it and made arrangement to get decent pictures taken, but more often than not, it’s an after thought. But not for much longer!

Ultimately, the plan is to get used to having a baby, and moved into a bigger place with (hopefully) better light for easier photographing of what I’ve been up to!

So have faith and patience with this new mom! I’ll be back soon enough with more posts on more food thoughts and recipes. In the mean time, here are a few pics of what’s been going on!

I’ll be back!

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