Bravery in the Kitchen

If there's anything I've learned in cooking, it's to be brave. Sometimes, it means being reckless. Sometime it means planning things out very very carefully, to the letter, every detail covered. You have to be willing to learn, and to open your mind to the fact that you may prefer something cooked and seasoned a certain … Continue reading Bravery in the Kitchen

Asian Soba Slaw (Or, A.S.S.)

I could have a field day with the title of this blog. Slightly inappropriate, maybe, but it's too tempting to ignore completely. And frankly, an ass is a donkey. It's an anatomical part. It's NOT the worst swear word out there, and it's a hilarious acronym for a delicious dish. So, putting aside the ass-talk, … Continue reading Asian Soba Slaw (Or, A.S.S.)