How to Meal-Plan: Easy and Fast!

Meal planning is something that can help streamline the process of shopping and prepping your food for the week. If you know what you're going to eat and how much of it, you can better prepare and save yourself a lot of stress with last minute food preparations and scrounging in the fridge. In this … Continue reading How to Meal-Plan: Easy and Fast!

Surviving the Holidays on a Diet

It's November, and that means the holiday season is right around the corner— Unless you include Thanksgiving, then we're just heading into round two! It's that time of year that is both full of cheer as well as indulgence and guilt, and it shouldn't be! It's a time to see the people you love and … Continue reading Surviving the Holidays on a Diet

Spring Rolls Galore!

This is a recipe for some simple and delicious spring rolls! Springs rolls are a great way to get your veggies in, and are so refreshing to eat! There is a bit of prep required, but it mainly involves making a sauce, slicing your vegetables, and deciding what kind of protein you want in there. … Continue reading Spring Rolls Galore!